Cleaning solutions with AZ IMPEX

AZ IMPEX has recently won the official representation in Rwanda for Kärcher® cleaning equipment, the global leader in cleaning solutions.

Worldwide, the name of Kärcher® stands for performance, quality and innovation, and serves as a reference in the field of cleaning. As a global leader in cleaning equipment Kärcher® is at the forefront of technical innovation, but it’s not limited to this area. Indeed, Kärcher® focus on the research and development process and works even more on economical and environmentally friendly products by implementing the latest technologies in production, development, design and testing, with the objectives of greater efficiency, longer life and better protection of the environment. Kärcher® provides a high quality after-sales service throughout the life of the machine until the recovery and retraining.

Karcher®, efficiency at lower costs

The efficiency is found at different levels: The reduction of energy consumption. A high degree of efficiency of thermal engines. A reduced consumption of detergent. The economical packaging with concentrated products. Constructive recyclability as well as minimizing components.

KarcherWith less, get similar or better results. Opportunities to achieve this are as varied as the Kärcher® products. Kärcher® steam cleaners operate without the use of polluting chemicals. Innovative materials improve cleaning service in such way that it is possible in most cases to dispense detergent. If necessary, systems of innovative dosage can significantly reduce the consumption of cleaning products. Many additional technical arrangements provide improved efficiency by the use of significant reductions in energy consumption and cleaning products up to 30% and more.

Kärcher® Home & Garden

Kärcher® Professionnal

Kärcher® brand is known worldwide. Kärcher® is recognized as the specialist of deep cleaning from the house to the garden.
Kärcher® offers a wide range of equipment for professionals. Get a suitable solution for all your needs in terms of cleaning!